The Kamado Pro Grill

When the outdoor thermometer moves past 60 degrees, do you start getting excited for grilling season? You may even push the envelope by grilling outside during winter in the middle of snow and wind. If this hits close to home, you need to get this Kamado grill. It offers everything you could possibly want and much more. Kamado cooking originated 3,000-plus years ago and is still popular today. This grill provides the delicious benefits in a package that is friendly to the eyes and environment.

If you have never heard of a Kamado grill, you have been missing some amazing food. This ceramic charcoal cooker originated over 3,000 years ago in Japan. The concept behind it inspired the creation of the Indian tandoor and the Japanese mushikamado rice steamer. Several materials are used to make a modern Kamado grill such as high fire ceramics that make the unit much more durable than the original version. Ceramic construction is excellent because it will not contaminate flavoring during cooking and when lump charcoal is used to fuel the grill, flavoring is enhanced and minimal ash is created.

Kamado Pro Features

The weight of this Kamado grill is 227 pounds and when the unit is assembled, it measures 47.0 inches high, 28.8 inches deep, and 32.5 inches wide (a 52.0-inch width when side shelves are extended).

• Kamado grill fueled by charcoal and featuring thick ceramic construction to provide optimal heat retention, even cooking, and excellent temperature control
• Design, color, and size complement a variety of cooking environments
• Faster start than competitor versions
• Dual bottom draft knobs and draft vent are calibrated, adjusting between 200 and 700-plus degrees within minutes for baking, grilling, searing, or smoking food
• Cooking environment is self-contained, eliminating hot spots and flare-ups
• Ceramic construction prevents burns from exterior contact and permits grilling between negative 30 and 100-plus degree outdoor temperatures
• Heat retention results in ash reduction, contributing to eco-friendly operation
• Cart featuring two drop-down side shelves with solid surface and two legs with locking casters is included
• Stainless steel flip-up, dual-tier cooking grate for easy charcoal addition
• 596 square inches of grilling space is largest on the market
• Parts are unbreakable so there will be no faulty ignition, non-electric starters, inconsistent control of flames, or corrosion of burners
• Takes only between 15 and 20 minutes to assemble
• Limited 20-year warranty

Benefits of Charcoal over Electric or Gas Cooking

A basic gas grill pulls a huge amount of air across its surface to remove carbon dioxide that accumulates. What this means for you is grilled food that is very dry. Unless you hover over the grill and baste the food with marinade every few minutes, the result is stomach-turning. The grilled food you create might be good enough for the birds but everyone you are cooking for will hate it.

Lump charcoal is used with Kamado cooking and when this combines with the ceramic self-contained vessel, food retains moisture during searing, grilling, or smoking. Most electric grills are unable to sear food because they cannot generate such high temperatures. Charcoal grills have one more thing going for them: they provide better flavor than gas or electric grills do. It is better to use lump charcoal than briquettes because this is quicker lighting, burns longer, reaches higher temperatures, and creates less ash, making it eco-friendly.

Why Better Flavors Are Created With a Smoker Grill

The unique flavor that smoke provides to food is both desirable and difficult to replicate with other cooking techniques. Smoker grills create food with intense flavors. Food absorbs the smoke while cooking for a longer period, giving it a full, rich, smoky flavor. Slow cooking is the best way to prepare food and a smoker is designed for this. In a Kamado grill, hot coals produce moisture, allowing food to retain moisture while it smokes.

C’mon, You KNOW You Need This Grill!

We think the Kamado Pro is the best Kamado grill available and we think you will too. This beauty starts quickly, offers the largest cooking surface you can find, provides you with excellent temperature control, and allows you to bake, grill, sear, or smoke food. When you shop with us, you receive this grill for only $879 and shipping is FREE. This is the best online price available when shipping charges are considered. Order this fabulous Kamado grill now by clicking the PayPal button below!

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