Benefits of Charcoal Grilling

Lump charcoal may cost more than charcoal briquettes but the expense is justified. Whole pieces of wood are used and they are exposed to high temperatures, driving out the volatile chemicals and leaving only carbon. A charcoal briquette is created by processing that carbon through mixing it with fillers and compressing it into a standard shape. There are many reasons to select lump charcoal for charcoal grilling.

High-quality lump style charcoal is clean burning, making it healthier for people and the environment. If it receives a lot of oxygen, lump burns hotter than a charcoal briquette. A Kamado grill features excellent ventilation control, allowing chefs to control the burn rate of this charcoal to regulate cooking temperature. Since lump charcoal does not contain fillers or additive, little ash is left after coals have burned, making the cleanup process a snap.

If lump charcoal is kept dry, it is easy to light. To slow cook or smoke, put a pile of unlit lump chunks in the grill and light the top of them. The chunks will burn downward slowly, creating a low, steady heat. To add a smoky flavor, mix in a few chunks of wet smoking wood. This gives already delicious meat and poultry that sought-after smoked taste.

Though lump charcoal can burn low and steady, it can also be adjusted to burn very hot. Briquettes will rarely reach the 1,000 degree Fahrenheit temperature considered ideal for grilling steaks. With some brands of lump charcoal, steaks can be grilled to perfection at the highest temperatures. Learn how much burn time this charcoal offers based on the temperature and you will soon be a grill master.

If you plan to smoke a lot of food, lump charcoal is the thing to use. Chefs can maintain a consistent temperature for a long period. They will not experience the hassle and inconsistent temperatures provided by charcoal briquettes and food will retain moisture through the cooking process. Many chefs leave their food to smoke for hours and return to find the temperature the same as when they departed.

Lump charcoal is in it to win it. If you want the best results from your Kamado grill, do not use another type of charcoal to cook your food. Whether you are grilling or smoking, this fuel will not let you down and it may even last long enough to be reused. Lump charcoal will become the secret weapon in your grilling and smoking arsenal.

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