Delicious BBQ Shrimp And Garlic Pasta Toss

When the family is craving pasta but also wants to enjoy some delicious seafood, get the best of both worlds by preparing this easy recipe. Hearty pasta is combined with grilled shrimp and vegetables to create a filling meal that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Each serving is enough to fill even the largest stomachs, though everyone will want second helpings!


• 3 cups (about 8 ounces) packaged dry farfalle pasta or cavatelli
• 1 pound large shrimp in shells, frozen or fresh
• 1 onion, cut in ½-inch slices
• 1 yellow or red sweet pepper, cut lengthwise into quarters
• 1 large bulb of garlic
• 1/3 cup parmesan or asiago cheese, shredded
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice
• 2 tablespoons butter, softened
• 1 tablespoon olive oil
• ½ teaspoon black pepper
• ½ teaspoon salt
• Paper towels
• Plate
• Plastic wrap
• Sharp knife
• Fork
• Heavy aluminum foil
• 2 small bowls
• Large bowl
• Colander
• Basting brush
• Long metal skewers
• Cooking spray

Step 1: Thaw frozen shrimp. Peel and devein the shrimp, keeping the tails intact. Rinse the shrimp and dry them by patting with paper towels. Place shrimp on a plate, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until grilling.

Step 2: Use the knife to cut 1/2-inch off the top of the garlic bulb, exposing the ends of each clove. Remove outer layers that are loose and papery but keep the bulb whole.

Step 3: Get an 18×9-inch piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half to create a 9-inch square. Put the garlic bulb in the center of the foil with its cut side facing up toward you. Drizzle 1 ½ teaspoons of olive oil onto the bulb. Bring up the opposite edges of the foil and use a double fold to seal them. Fold together the remaining edges, completely enclosing the garlic but allowing room for steam.

Step 4: Install a drip pan on the grill and preheat grill to medium hot. Use cooking spray to grease the grill rack located over the pan and put the garlic on the rack. Grill garlic for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Thread the shrimp onto the skewers, separating each one by ¼-inch.

Step 6: Combine 1 tablespoon lemon juice and remaining olive oil in the small bowl. Use the basting brush to coat the shrimp and vegetables with this mixture.

Step 7: Put skewers on the grill rack over the drip pan. Add the vegetables to the grill rack. Grill until vegetables are tender, shrimp turn opaque, and the garlic bulb is soft, approximately 8 to 10 minutes. Turn vegetables and shrimp once halfway through the grilling time. Remove the food from the grill and allow it to cool slightly. Chop the vegetables coarsely.

Step 8: While food is grilling, cook the pasta, following the package instructions. Drain pasta in the colander and return it to the hot pan.

Step 9: Squeeze the garlic bulb, allowing its pulp to fall into a small bowl. Mash the pulp thoroughly with the fork. Add pepper, salt, and butter and mix ingredients well.

Step 10: Combine the garlic mixture and pasta in the large bowl, tossing the pasta to coat it. Add the vegetables, shrimp, cheese, and remaining lemon juice. Gently toss ingredients to mix them and serve immediately.

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