Grilled Pumpkin Slices

Uses for Pumpkins After Halloween

What are you going to do with all of those pumpkins you have decorating the house? Don’t throw them out, eat them! Grilled pumpkin slices are absolutely delicious and can be served as a snack, part of a fruit salad, or even as dessert. Making them is very easy and it will give you another excuse to keep the grill fired up during the fall.

Cutting and Preparing the Pumpkin

halloween, pumpkin, grilling recipesYou will need to cut the pumpkin in half, much as you would a melon before slicing it up. Remove all seeds from the meat of the pumpkin. Now you will need to peel the hard skin off the outer shell of the pumpkin. If you have some knife skills, you can use a paring knife, but we would recommend using a peeler to be safe.

Once the pumpkin is gutted and peeled, cut it down into slices about a ½-inch thick. The slices should then be coated on both sides very lightly with some olive oil.

Grilling the Pumpkin Slices

Preheat the grill and allow to come up to temp, (roughly 400 degrees).

If you would prefer a bit of spice on the slices, you can lightly sprinkle them with some chili powder prior to grilling. Once the grill is warmed and at temperature, lie the slices down around the perimeter of the grill (do not put them directly over the heat source because they may get burned) and allow to cook on each side for about two to three minutes.

Allow the slices to cook and refrigerate if serving at a later time. Before serving, lightly coat them with olive oil again and sprinkle some sea salt on them. This last step can be omitted if you do not wish to have the salt on them (you may want to try one piece without the salt before salting all of the slices).


*Photo Courtesy of Mattie Hagedorn via Creative Commons License


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