Top Tips for Smoking Ribs

With a Kamado grill, you can smoke meat like a professional. Many people believe it is difficult to smoke ribs, but this is not true. Whether you want to smoke country style, baby back, or spare ribs, you just need to follow a few tips from the experts. You will soon be smoking ribs on your Kamado grill all year long and in any type of weather.

When shopping for baby back or spare ribs at the supermarket or butcher shop, look for meat with ample fat marbling but no large fat clumps on the exterior. The entire slab should have an even thickness. The best ribs are not injected with solution but these can be difficult to find. Ribs should feature enough meat and be minimally processed to create a flavorful meal.

Before smoking, remove the membrane from the ribs. Lay the rack of ribs with the bone side up and use a knife to pull up a corner of the thin substance covering the surface. Grab this membrane with a paper towel and pull it off as completely as possible. Remove the skirt, which is the flap of meat running horizontally across the meat side of the ribs, and save this meat to smoke with the ribs.

Smoked ribs are tasty, but they are even better when treated with a good rub. Apply a thin coat of yellow mustard to the ribs and then sprinkle the rub over the surface. Gently massage this rub into the ribs on both sides, if desired. These ribs can then be smoked at between 225 and 240 degrees, using hardwood chips in the kamado smoker.

Smoke spare ribs for about six or seven hours so they will be tender. Depending on how much meat is on baby back ribs, these should be cooked for between five and six hours. To check whether ribs are ready to serve, use tongs to pick up one end. If the ribs bend to almost a 90-degree angle and nearly break in half, they are ready to eat.

If you smoke ribs properly, there is no need to baste them with sauce. However, sauce can be served on the side as a meal complement. If diners just cannot get enough sauce, brush on this coating approximately 30 to 45 minutes before ribs have completed cooking and repeat the process two or three times so the sauce stays on the ribs.

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