The Top Charcoal Grilling Tips

Secrets to Perfect Charcoal Grilling

grilling tips, charcoal grillingOwners of charcoal grills typically struggle with creating the perfect results. Whatever they cook comes out raw on the inside and overdone on the outside or overcooked all the way through. Temperature and time control are the secrets to grilling success. Follow the tips below to get the best results from your charcoal grill every time.

Dynamics of Charcoal Grills

A two-zone arrangement is the best way to achieve the needed control. This offers both a hot surface for direct heating that browns the exterior of food and a cooler indirect zone that uses convection airflow to warm the interior of the item evenly. Every grill is different, making it important to test the grill without any food to understand its performance at different temperatures. These dry runs make it much easier to prepare the grill for perfectly cooked food.

Using fruitwood or hardwood gives food a smoky flavoring that many people enjoy. However, too much wood can ruin food so follow grill manufacturer instructions. A water pan is another addition that can enhance flavor. It absorbs and radiates heat, mitigating fluctuations in temperature and humidifying the air so food remains moist. This moisture combines with combustion gases and smoke to create a bacon-like flavor.

With this type of grill, oxygen and charcoal are the two fuels involved. Heat is controlled by moderating oxygen supply and without oxygen, the fire will die. The grill lid should only be lifted if the temperature substantially dips or rises, which is not common on a high-quality grill. Venting is used to control oxygen level and flow. The top vents prevent soot and creosote from building up on the surface of food.

Grilling Tips for Long Cooking

The fuse method is ideal for long cooking. It involves placing the coals in a C shape around the outer rim of the charcoal area and adding several wood chunks to the beginning of the C. Half a chimney of coals are then poured into the gap at one side of this fuse. Meat is placed on a grate topping a large water pan, where it is protected from direct heat and receives the benefits of added humidity and stabilized temperatures.

Smoking is another way to cook food slowly over a long period. Grillers use this method to create ribs, briskets, pork, salmon, and turkey that rivals what restaurants serve. When it comes to grilling, patience and skill produce the best results. With some practice and a long, lazy afternoon, anyone can create a grilled feast!

*Photo Courtesy of Ewen Roberts via Creative Commons License

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