Top 5 BBQ Restaurants

Grilling is both an art and a science, which means it takes time. If you do not have time to grill the perfect piece of meat, poultry, or seafood, visit a restaurant that does. Weeding through the dining establishments yourself can be tedious so here are the top five U.S. BBQ restaurants. Whether you try one, two, or all of them, you will not be disappointed.

Lovers of the grill categorize the styles of BBQ they encounter. If they visit Raleigh, North Carolina, they will discover the postmodern style, being served at the Pit. This barbecue restaurant is one for the modern ages, featuring a stainless steel kitchen and dining room tables outfitted with pristine white tablecloths. There, diners enjoy organic and humanely raised meats, delicious fish, and even BBQ tofu.

Wilber’s Barbecue in the North Carolina town of Goldsboro knows it is never too early to enjoy delicious BBQ. That is why they open at 6 AM and by 7, they are packed. The delicious aroma of roasting pork fat seems to surround this establishment and the pulled pork sandwiches are small slices of heaven. If the server says the pigs are still cooking, the wait is worth your while.

Arthur Bryant’s is arguably the best BBQ joint in Kansas City, evidenced by the line of customers that typically stretches to the door. Amazingly marbled briskets are painstakingly smoked and pork ribs are still deliciously moist after cooking and never too salty. The sauce is a taste experience in itself, featuring the bite of vinegar, grittiness of dried spices, and an infusion of coriander and Worcestershire sauce.

It may be difficult to describe the perfect BBQ meal, but you know it when you eat it. What you are eating can also be a treat. A C&K in St. Louis, Missouri, enjoy a regional specialty called snoots, which is a hog snoot. Pick up your snoots at the takeout window and enjoy them on a seat along the Mississippi River. Snoots have a texture like rice cakes and are covered in sweet-hot sauce containing tomatoes.

BBQ is big in the south, making Memphis the perfect city to enjoy ribs galore. Cozy Corner serves grilled rib tips and a unique departure: BBQ Cornish hen. Each small hen is rich and moist, making it melt in your mouth. For an interesting side, try the BBQ spaghetti, which features hearty noodles covered with tangy-sweet barbecue sauce.

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