Who’s Ready for Grilled Pizza?

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

grilled pizza recipesPizza has always been a quick meal favorite for almost everyone – the cheesy, saucy deliciousness of pizza paired with its convenience make it the perfect option when we are hungry and do not want to cook anything elaborate. Even though pizza is a great go-to meal, ordering it from the local pizzeria or throwing a frozen pie in the oven can become mundane and, dare we say it, boring. But now that it’s becoming warm enough to uncover the grill and fire up the propane the possibilities are endless! Instead of throwing hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill when you need a quick dinner fix, why not try creating this easy, delicious pizza recipe!

Ingredients for Pizza Quattro Stagioni

1 lb. whole wheat pizza dough
2 c. part skim mozzarella (grated)
2 slices prosciutto (chopped with fat removed)
1 15oz. can artichoke hearts (drained and quartered)
1 c. mushrooms (sliced thin)
½ c. black olives (chopped)
1 28oz. can whole, peeled tomatoes (drained and chopped)

Directions for Pizza Quattro Stagioni

1. Prepare the grill by cleaning grill grate and preheating to high.
2. Cut pizza dough in half. Form each half into an 8-inch wide oval and spray one side of each with cooking oil.
3. Place pizza dough on grill until bottom of dough firms and has grill marks (this should take about 2 minutes). Flip the dough.
4. Top each pizza with cheese and tomatoes. Next, divide artichoke, mushrooms, prosciutto and olives in half between each pizza.
5. Close grill and allow pizzas to cook until cheese is melted and toppings are hot all the way through (this should take about 3 to 4 minutes). Remove from heat and place on a cutting board.
6. Allow pizzas to rest and cool for 2 to 5 minutes. Slice and serve immediately.

The beauty of creating your own pizzas on the grill is being able to customize them anyway the group desires. Instead of just serving guests or the family pizza, why not make a pizza bar? That way, guests and loved ones can choose their own pizza toppings and the chef is solely responsible for cooking it made to order! This is a great way for everyone to get exactly what they want without spending a fortune or a lot of time on dinner.

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