Winter Grilling Ideas: Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges

grilling, sweet potatoes, recipesWinter often evokes thoughts of comfort food but, for some reason, people begin to cover up the BBQ grill and cook inside all winter long. Some of the best BBQ recipes ARE comfort food, so there is no reason to stop cooking outdoors just because the weather changes. Get out the parka and move the grill a bit closer to the door, but keep cooking all winter long!

There are significant health benefits to eating sweet potatoes, especially in the winter when you are less active. Hey, I love mashed potatoes just as much as the next person, but sweet potatoes are lower in carbs and are packed with protein. For those of you that are athletes, subbing out sweet potatoes on a regular basis is a great idea to help with muscle recovery during your post ride meal.

Here is a great recipe for grilled sweet potato wedges. Try them once and you may never have regular potatoes again!


2 Large Sweet Potatoes (cleaned and wedged)
¼ c Olive Oil
Sea Salt
½ c Maple Syrup
¼ c Soy Sauce (low sodium if possible)
2 T Dark Brown Sugar

Step 1: Preheat grill to 400 degrees

Step 2: Pour olive oil into a small bowl (use a Tupperware container with lid as we are going to use remaining oil later). Brush all sweet potato wedges lightly and place on grill towards perimeter of grill (try not to put potatoes directly over heat source or they will burn). Turn wedges about 15-20 minutes into cooking so grill marks will be on both sides of the wedges.

Step 3: While potatoes are cooking, combine remaining olive oil and soy sauce in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and then add in maple syrup. Reduce heat to medium and then add brown sugar. When sugar is dissolved, reduce heat to simmer and continue to stir while sauce reduces (must continue to stir or sauce will burn). When sauce is reduced, remove from heat and place in Tupperware container.

Step 4: Check to see that potatoes are crispy on the outside and mealy and tender inside. Remove from heat and then place in container. Cover container and shake wedges to ensure they are covered in glaze. Remove from container and lightly sprinkle with sea salt.


*Photo Courtesy of Steven Depolo via Creative Commons License


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